How and why you should sage your home

We got the keys for our new home on Tuesday, April 30 at 3 p.m.

Within the hour, I was standing at my doorway holding dried sage, tied together with a few other herbs by a red string.

This is the first home we’ve moved into where we weren’t the first owners, so it was very important for me to cleanse the space for our next chapter.

Not only does smudging bring in new energy, but it also gives the old energy a chance to depart.

Negativity or darkness can often get caught in corners , so I always start by opening all the windows, doors, cupboards and drawers.

I also sage myself, starting at the feet and move up to my head.


There are so many different ways to sage and everyone has an opinion on whether you should start here, do that, try this. I say, you’ll know what’s right for your home.

Here’s how I do it:

  • Start with a clean room.
  • Light a candle and place the sage on a fireproof dish to catch any ash and embers.
  • Begin at the doorway, cleanse the frame, then walk clockwise around the room (some say anticlockwise).
  • Blow the sage smoke to the walls, corners, floor and ceiling. I like to do it in a circular motion.
  • Walk slowly and focus on what you are trying to achieve as you mentally cleanse the area.
  • Recite meaningful words, prayers and mantras as you visualize any dark, negative energy being pushed out and replaced with white, beautiful light.
  • Once you’ve made your way around the home, take a moment to give thanks.
  • Extinguish your sage, but let the candle burn out on its own.

Different types of incense you can use to smudge your home:


Cleanses and purifies prior to meditation, prayer or rituals. Pine is also used to freshen up a room, attract money and break hexes.


Cleanses negative spirits. Sandalwood is also used by many as a healing agent and to attract luck.


Protects against negativity and purifies an area before meditation, prayer or other rituals.


Lifts the mood and creates positive energy to push out negativity. Lavender also promotes sleep and relaxation.


Cleanses and purifies a new home.

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