Yoga is for rich, white people: true or false?

Giving back…it’s something I think most people want to do, but often get too caught up in their own lives to remember that in this case, just “the thought” doesn’t really count.

It’s so important to reach out to people in our community, and that’s something that I love about the Modo Yoga network. It isn’t just all talk, it’s action too.

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Ce matin, notre cours de yoga au bénéfice de La Grande récolte pour les enfants a été un franc succès. Merci à pour le don monétaire de 1 000,00 $ qui nous permettra de redistribuer de la nourriture d’une valeur de 15 000,00 $ à nos organisations communautaires comme le @depotmtl NAMASTE tout le monde! ### This morning, our yoga class benefiting The Great Food Drive for Children was a big success! Thanks to Golo for the $1,000.00 donation which will allow us to redistribute $15,000.00 worth of food to our community organizations like the @depotmtl NAMASTE everyone! . . . . #charity #nonprofit #yoga #foodbank #banquealimentaire #moissonmontreal #granderecolte #greatfooddrive #saturdayvibes #namaste #kidsyoga #yogakids #goodcause #philanthropy

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This past weekend at Modo Yoga NDG, we hosted a Little Yogis class for parents and children to benefit Moisson Montréal.

We asked for a voluntary contribution, with all proceeds benefitting the food bank, and the class was free for children and parents who go to the Depot Community Food Centre.

I was asked recently what the biggest barrier was that stopped yoga from being accessible. This was my answer:

The biggest barrier to accessing yoga is simply the cost.

Of course, we have amazing programs like the Energy Exchange program; however, for those living in poverty, even just three or four hours a week can be an impossible feat when simply trying to live and provide.

In Canada, more than 50 per cent of all people living in poverty are from minority groups — in particular, First Nations.

When people are confined to the bottom two levels of the Hierarchy of Needs, it can be near impossible to consider something as “luxurious” as yoga to be a basic need.

We, the privileged who are able to practice regularly (and I include myself here), of course understand the amazing, unparalleled benefits of yoga.

However, for those living in poverty in Canada, it can be hard to see this wonderful practice as anything other than an activity for the affluent — and let’s be honest, predominantly white, community.

By bringing this amazing practice to everyone in a way that is accessible, we can better embrace diversity, while awakening a dormant passion for the practice — something we have all discovered in our own way and time.

Why Moisson Montréal?

Moisson Montréal, a  non-profit organization founded in 1984, is the largest food bank in Canada.

The organization provides more than 1,300 tons of food per month to 257 community organizations in Montreal.

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Saviez-vous que chaque mois, plus de 20 000 enfants âgés de 0 à 5 ans reçoivent une aide alimentaire par le biais des réseaux des Moisson dans la grande région de Montréal? À eux seuls, ils pourraient presque remplir le Centre Bell! C'est pourquoi vous êtes invité à ce cours spécial de Jeunes Yogis pour parents et enfants au profit de Moisson Montréal. OÙ: NDG Modo Yoga Vous êtes: Parents et enfant de 2 ans et + Combien ça coûte: Contribution volontaire, ouvert au public GRATUIT pour les enfants et les parents qui fréquentent Le Dépôt centre communautaire d'alimentation. Pour reservations: Lien en bio ! .. … …. … .. . Did you know that each month, more than 20,000 children aged 0 to 5 receive food aid through Moisson's networks in the Greater Montreal area and the Eastern Townships? On their own, they could almost fill the Bell Center! That's why you are invited to this special Little Yogis class for parents and children benefitting Moisson Montreal. Where: NDG Modo Yoga You are: Parents and kids 2 + years-old How much does it cost: A voluntary contribution yoga class open to the public FREE for children and parents who attend The Depot Community Food Centre. FOR RESERVATIONS: Link in bio !

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Hunger hurts everyone; undernourishment in babies and young children can have permanent and very damaging consequences for their long-term development and health.

Every day, Moisson Montréal, Moisson Rive-Sud, Moisson Estrie and Moisson Laval strive to provide food aid to parents and children living in poverty.

The need for baby and toddler donations is constantly growing, but these items are very hard to come by.

Did you know?

  • A $2 donation allows one young child to be fed nutritiously for one week.
  • Each month, almost 20,000 children under the age of five receive food aid from the Moisson network.
  • Parents who are not able to feed their families can feel anxiety that can create considerable stress for their children.

Contribute to the Great Food Drive for Children by clicking here.

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