Do you make New Year’s resolutions? This is what I hope for in 2019

I’ve never been the kind of person to make New Year’s resolutions. Mostly because I didn’t deign to think it necessary. 2018 was a big year for my family and I. The year smiled upon us, blessed us with the most wondrous experiences — though I recognize the last 365 days weren’t so great for everyone. Friends got married (as did we); couples broke up; some announced they were expecting; loved ones were rushed to hospital; others went on fabulous trips. Some of us lost people.

At this time last year, on the first day of a new year, I knew we were going to live through a lot. Looking back now, I reached some pretty big highs, and some truly low, lows. And yet, time doesn’t stop for anyone.

We started the year in Honduras, where we witnessed two of our best friends say, “I do.”

My husband (then-fiancé) turned 30 and we put together a fabulous surprise party at his favourite pub so he could be surrounded by all his closest friends and family. Just a few months later, my dad turned the big 6-0.

I launched a new show — Just Like Home — on Global News. A pretty great feeling after working on this project for four years.

And then, we got renewed for a second season.

My sister planned an abundance of spectacular parties to celebrate our love before moving back to Sydney, Aus., where she’s living one of the best adventures of her life.

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I never really knew the true value of friendship until I met each and every one of these people. I am especially grateful for the strong, fearless women in my life — the ones who would do anything for you (even travel across the country @apmcnabb, @heiderositajoy). There were so many surprises — and wow, the planning. @sabrinaxlau, my first roommate and best friend, my original ride or die, my sister, I fell in love with you the day you were born and I’m so happy to be doing life with you 🙏🏼 Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate the beginning of this new chapter ❤️ ———————————— Je comprends maintenant ce que ça veut dire d’avoir de vraies amitiés. Je suis reconnaissante pour ces femmes fortes, sans peur, qui font tout pour leurs amis — surtout ma sœur, ma première coloc et meilleure amie, je t’ai aimé dès que tu es née. Merci à tous d’être venues célébrer ce nouveau chapitre 💕Je vous aime. #Laurocque #bridalshower

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We got married. Cradled, cherished and embraced by the best people in our lives. I cried the entire day, and still can’t remember a single word of my vows.

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180818 #Laurocque #justmarried

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After the party, we rushed home, changed and jumped on a plane, impatient to move into our tiny Tanzanian tent as lions and hyenas roam outside.

Just as the year started blissful on a beach, we closed up some of the biggest milestones of the year on a beautiful wooden boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

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On Oct. 1, I embarked on the craziest journey of my life — complete with these three amazing humans (and more than 60 others). Now, as we come to the end of our intense yoga teacher training, I can’t help but feel sad to be leaving all these wonderful people. @modoyogalove @tedgrand, above all the things I have learned this month, you have reminded me what it feels like to wake up happy every day. I couldn’t be more grateful. “Good-byes are not forever; they are not the end, it simply means I’ll miss you until we meet again.” ———————— Le 1er octobre, j’ai entamé le voyage le plus fou de ma vie – avec ces trois personnes incroyables (et plus de 60 autres). La fin de notre intense formation de professeurs de yoga approche et je ne peux que me sentir triste de devoir quitter toutes ces personnes extraordinaires. @modoyoga @modoyogamontreal, au-delà de toutes les choses que j’ai apprises ce mois-ci, vous m’avez rappelé à quel point il peut être agréable de se réveiller heureuse chaque jour et j’en suis reconnaissante. « Les adieux ne sont pas éternels; ils ne marquent pas la fin, ils signifient simplement que tu me manqueras jusqu’à notre prochaine rencontre. » 📷: @erijanine #modotraineelife #modoyoga #mytt2018

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We’ve got a big year coming again, with more weddings, babies and voyages on the way. I have that same feeling of adventure and excitement thinking about the things to come — everything we want to do and the places we’ll go.

So, what are your hopes (or resolutions) for 2019? Mine are to be happy every day, focus on the positive, live in the present and never stop wondering — and wandering.

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