Who knew giving back could be so exhilarating?

When I first embarked on this journey to a capsule wardrobe, I’ll admit I hadn’t exactly considered the immediate impact I could subsequently have on my community. Erin and I joked that she was coming over to gut my wardrobe and eat some tasty vegan mac & cheese. Then suddenly, as we stood there, with my hundreds upon hundreds of tops, skirts and dresses lying on the floor in piles labelled “love,” “like” and “donate,” we decided to be a little more mindful about what our goal truly was.

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Mindfulness is seriously one of the hardest things to do, which is funny if you consider what it actually is — the ability to be fully present and aware of where you are and what you’re doing in a non-reactive way.

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In an effort to do this, Erin and I chose to really consider why we were creating capsule wardrobes. We were doing it for ourselves, yes, to reduce our quick-button need to consume more and more. But did it have to all be so selfish? We reflected on how we could expand our mission to encompass the rest of our amazing community. So, we hosted two editions of “From Ours to Yours,” a shop our closet event to raise money for Logifem, a women’s shelter in Montreal.

Be Community is a Modo Yoga pillar.
Be Community is a Modo Yoga pillar.

The organization, founded in 1988, provides a safe haven for women on an emergency basis. Some call the shelter home for one or two nights, others on a long-term basis for up to five years. These women, and sometimes their children, turn to Logifem for many different reasons, including financial difficulties, domestic violence, referral from youth protection and more.

We had such a great time connecting with people in our community for this great cause.
We had a great time connecting with people in our community for this great cause.

It was such an amazing experience to go from decluttering our wardrobes to selling our clothes and raising money for a cause we truly believe in. It was heartwarming to be surrounded by our community, to connect with so many people curious about what we were doing and see them light up, ready and willing to help. That kind of exuberant energy is exhilarating — and yet, so rare nowadays. Giving back to our community has taught us a lot about ourselves, both individually and as a team. This experience has rejuvenated how we see the world and we’re excited to see where we go next.

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Have you experienced anything recently that “restored” your faith in humanity? If you’re planning an event to give back, reach out and let us know!
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